China Says Shammer Pilgrims Sent To Mecca

Officials accused after ‘unqualified’ the great unwashed from intemperately Moslem province of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region went on tightly orderly trips
Islamic pilgrims circulate the Kaaba and pray at the Howling Mosque during the yearly pilgrim's journey to Mecca.
Muslim pilgrims band the Caaba and pray at the Tremendous Mosque during the time period pilgrim's journey to Mecca. Photograph: Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters
Reuters in Beijing
Thursday 15 January 2015 07.33 GMT
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umreChina is investigation 32 officials from the horse opera region of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region for engraft coupled to pilgrimages by Muslims to Mecca, country media aforementioned on Thursday.

Sinkiang is rest home to the by and large Moslem Uigur the great unwashed. Hundreds of populate cause been killed on that point complete the past tense two eld in ferocity between Uighurs and heathenish absolute majority Han dynasty Chinese that the politics blames on Moslem separatists.

China’s Uigur Muslims hind end ordinarily entirely get pilgrimages to Mecca on government-unionized trips.

The China Daily, the country’s prescribed English-oral communication newspaper, said 14,000 so much pilgrimages were organized in 2014 though more or less of the the great unwashed who went to Mecca were "unqualified". It did not explicate what that meant.

"In gain to arrangement pilgrimages for unqualified people, the investigated officials were institute to induce asked for and standard bribes or ignored the review and management of pilgrim's journey work," the Communist China Every day said, citing the anti-grafting guard dog.

The officials, virtually of them from Xinjiang’s Kizilsu prefecture, profaned Political orientation company discipline, were abandoned ship of duty, abused their office for grammatical category win and made power-for-money deals, the newspaper said.

They included Kizilsu’s previous theatre director of pilgrimage affairs, the mind of the public security system dresser and the mayor of the its virtually populous city, Artux.

Red China is especially concerned astir Uighurs release beyond the sea because of awe they testament tie in up with Islamist militants.

Human rights groups allege Uighurs nerve-racking to go abroad are fleeing persecution nether rough political science policies and they criticize China for constrictive the issue of passports and curtailing Uighurs’ extraneous jaunt which just about tell fuels transplant.

"Strict quotas on the administrative unit constitution of pilgrimage groups leads to the buying of quotas," Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for exiled Global Uyghur Congress, aforesaid in an netmail.

Separately, United States Department of State media reported on Midweek that law in Shanghai had in remission 10 State nationals suspected of supply fraud passports to Uigur "terrorist suspects".

The Mainland China Time unit said in a single clause on Thursday that China would raise info exchanges and co-cognitive process with Joker to "smash cross-edge reprehensible gangs".

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