Local Government and the Music Sector

By Chloe Beevers. Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 1 (November 2012)

The performing arts have been a function of Local Government in Australia since inception, with participation in local cultural production from the early nineteenth century, mostly through using town halls as performing arts spaces. Chloe Beevers gives a NSW perspective on the current state of play.

In recent years, NSW Councils have expanded their support to the performing arts with those having Theatre/Music/Performing Arts Centres increasing from 16% in 1999 to 57% in 2009[1]. More than bricks and mortar, the venues bring civic pride and cultivate a sense of community. They are spaces for community participation in the arts and professional development of performers. The venues stimulate the creative industries and cultural tourism. With an outlet for presentation of their work, development of local content is stimulated. Touring artists can now reach communities that previously had to travel great distances to access the productions. As 85 per cent of Australian adults attend at least one cultural event or performance every year[2], it is recognised that the performing arts serve the whole community.

Primary School Music Still Alive Despite Years of Neglect

Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 1 (November 2012)

Research Report: Irina Petrova

The PhD thesis What makes good music programs in schools? A study of school music across Australia (2012, UNSW) addressed the issue of and unresolved crisis vis-à-vis the delivery of classroom music education and student access. Music is a compulsory subject for all primary school children in all Australian states and territories. However, there is great inequality in the provision of music education especially for primary school children.

Orchestral Sound Levels

...and what can be done when it all gets too much

A Guide for Amateur Orchestra Players and Organisers

October 2012

Martin Brown, clarinetist with the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra, prepared this paper covering many aspects of sound levels in orchestras and what can be done to manage these sound levels. Thanks to Martin for making this available to members of the Music in Communities Network.

A message from the MCA Executive Director

26/11/12: A message from MCA Executive Director, Dr Richard Letts

The Passion and Conviction of Art

Address by Simone Young. Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 1 (November 2012)

Conductor Simone Young gave the following address on the occasion of being awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Griffith University.