Belinda Webster, Tall Poppy #1

Interview: Andrew Ford Tall Poppies website:

 Tall Poppies Records released its first three CDs 21 years ago and is still in business, still making CDs. Over that time, no recording has been deleted and the current catalogue boasts 221 recordings. Practically all the recordings have been produced and engineered by Belinda Webster. She has also designed most of the booklets, taken most of the photographs and overseen the production and marketing. Her friend and colleague Andrew Ford, himself well-represented as a composer on the Tall Poppies label, has often wondered what drives Belinda, so Music Forum asked him to find out.

Building Audiences for Multicultural Music

by Kiersten Fishburn Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 1 (November 2012)

One of the greatest advantages of living in a multicultural society is being able to access the rich and diverse variety of cultural expression. Using oud to djembe and from Zydeco to Chinese opera, communities across Sydney are creating, performing, devising and celebrating through music. This ensures the continuity of their own cultures, and weaves into the broader richness of the Australian music industry.

Editorial: Music Forum November 2012

LettsFromRightThumbby Dr Richard Letts. Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 1 (November 2012)

Since 2008, much of Australian schooldom has been in thrall to the NAPLAN scores, the Commonwealth’s device for boosting literacy and numeracy. Few would dispute the need to develop a literate and numerate citizenry. Many dispute the strategy, which has translated into teaching and learning for the purpose of achieving high examination scores. The opponents cite similar failed programs overseas.

Kulcha in WA

by Jonathan Cope. Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 1 (November 2012)

Kulcha Multicultural Arts of WA is the key organisation dedicated to presenting, promoting and developing culturally diverse arts and artists in Western Australia.

Established in 1983, Kulcha has an impressive 29-year history as a national leader in multicultural arts with a comprehensive organisational package of activities and programs that reaches a direct audience of approximately 200,000 people annually.

Let a thousand flowers bloom

Everyone has a place. We need everyone. Find your voice and you'll be cool. There's always room. – Phil Slater

Some of Australia’s most respected musicians and educators have offered their advice to school students interested in a career in music. Their advice comes from a range of perspectives and common themes include networking, aspirations, education and training, career choices, versatility, dedication, and hard work.

Compiled by Alex Masso, Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 18 Issue 4 (August 2012)