Jon Rose: ‘Cosmopolitan Swagman Violinist’

by Tony Mitchell. Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 3 (May 2013)

Tony Mitchell profiles 2012 Don Banks Award winner, the extraordinary Jon Rose.

The short video accompanying the announcement of Jon Rose’s Don Banks Award by the Music Board of the Australia Council in March 2012 begins and ends with Rose being harassed by a security guard while playing his violin outside the Sydney Opera House. The harassment goes on for some time, while Rose simply states and restates ‘I’m playing the violin outside the Opera House’. He finally makes it to the end of the piece, as the security barrage escalates.

Designing a New Future for Opera in Australia

by Lindy Hume. Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 3 (May 2013)

In the last couple of years a new direction for Opera Australia has been established, and there have been new appointments at Australia's state opera companies based in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Imagining and repositioning Australia's opera companies for the art form’s potential future is now core work for this current crop of Artistic Directors. 

Last year I returned to the heightened, irrational, sensuous world of opera after a decade directing two of Australia's international arts festivals, during which period my field of vision was vastly expanded. I've gained a healthy perspective, a craving for big ideas, adventure, connection with communities, originality, beauty and meaning in the experience of bringing artists and audiences together. I've found a deepened love and respect for the rehearsal studio. I still wear my heart on my sleeve, but I’ve become brutally pragmatic about the commercial realities of showbiz.

Digital Radio Is Not Just for Digital Dummies

by Graeme Hinckley. Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 3 (May 2013)

Last year radio stations of all creeds, commercial, non-commercial and government, ceremonially joined together to celebrate ten years of digital radio in Australia. The champagne was out again but there was definitely less fizz and fuss as this corner of the industry is still unsure of its future with many believing the celebrations were a precursor to a wake.

Digital Radio had quite an arduous task getting started in this country. It had to wait what seemed an eternity to even be considered and then decisions about the right format kept many people awake late at night. Despite the wait and the fact that the first receivers cost the equivalent of a hefty speeding fine in Melbourne, the trial period seemed to go quite well. The sales and listeners for digital radio have also grown steadily to the point that even the retail giants have now settled on a range of relatively cheap receivers, affordable for traditional users of radio and even the people working in the industry. It does however remain a city vs. country argument where the only winners are the cities that can receive the signal with still no noises from the Government as to rolling it out in the regional areas. You would never guess that this is an election year but I suppose it's not over yet!

A Classical Music Career?

by Frans de Ruiter. Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 3 (May 2013)

It is the brainbreaking moment at the family-dinner-table when the 10 or 14 or 18 years old son or daughter announces that (/media/system/js/s/index.html)he wants to pursue a classical music career. What does it mean: a classical music-career, or a classical-music career?

Thoughts on Art Music Composition in the Digital Realm

by Daniel Blinkhorn.  Published in Music Forum magazine, Vol 19 Issue 3 (May 2013)

In his book Any Sound You Can Imagine, Making Music/Consuming Technology [i], author Paul Thèbergediscusses Andre Piatier’s concept of ‘transectorial innovation’, articulating it as:  

The phenomenon in which innovations developed to meet the needs of a specific industrial sector come to play an important role in the creation of new innovations and commodities in formerly unrelated industries.