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A message from the MCA Chair

23 November 2012: A message from the MCA Chair, Professor Huib Schippers

Dear colleagues,

As foreshadowed during the MCA Annual Assembly, I would like to update you on some of the developments in the organisation. At our last Board Meeting, after 7 years as board Member and 5 years as Chair, Dr Helen Lancaster announced her resignation from the MCA Board in order to create more room for her many other wonderful endeavours, including the Chair of the Music Council of Asia/Oceania. I think you will agree that Helen has been an admirably committed and pro-active Board Member and Chairperson. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank her for her many contributions, her indefatigable hard work and also her sense of humour. At the same meeting, I was elected the new Chair, which I accepted with the pride and humility, anticipation and trepidation this new responsibility evokes. I think the Music Council of Australia is a remarkable organisation, and I am looking forward to playing a role in its ongoing evolution over the coming period. We would also like to formally welcome Nathan Shepherd and Catherine Gerrard to the Board, which I think is now very strong, showing broad representativeness: from commerce to community, from IP to education.

Most of you will have seen that we have advertised for a new CEO after Dick flagged at the Annual Assembly that he would be standing down as Executive Director. We have received a good number of applications, with certainly some strong contenders. Some questions have been raised about the future of Dick in the organisation. We'd like to confirm that we all see Dick as a key component of the MCA considering his role in the organisation for two decades: as its auctor intellectualis, tireless advocate, main driver, as well as a substantial benefactor. He will retain a position on the Board with a portfolio of activities and responsibilities in his key areas of interest and experience. We also hope he will be instrumental in getting the new CEO up to speed across the many portfolios he knows so well. Meanwhile, you will also have noticed that we that we are recruiting for a replacement for our MPFL Director, Tina Broad. We have sung her praises at the Assembly and are certain to do so again as the moment of her departure from the high-profile activities she has shaped for the Council draws near. Hard shoes to fill; but we have received much interest for that position as well.

I hope to bring you news about these appointments in the near future, and I am looking forward to working with all of you work on our shared passionate support for all aspects of music in this country.

Best regards,

Huib Schippers

Professor Huib Schippers | Chair, Music Council of Australia | Director Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre