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Padstow Park Public up in Flames

Padstow Park Public School in South Western Sydney has won the national 2010 Flame Award for its music program in which all 340 students learn to play (and make) musical instruments. Basket Range Primary School, near Adelaide, has won a first-time Innovation Award, for its unique Musical Playground. The Flame Award scheme is the Music: Play for Life campaign’s initiative to highlight and reward some of Australia’s most inspiring school music programs. Here’s Tina Broad with news of the two winners.

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Despatches from HQ

News from the office of Music: Play for Life...


Why followers love their leaders

Research shows that a committed and energetic commandercan make the musical troops do just about anything. With thatin mind, the campaign’s third annual Music in Communities Awards have been themed to recognise the difference inspiringleaders make to the legion of community bands, orchestras andchoirs around Australia. With Awards entries still coming in attime of writing, Tina Broad takes a peek at the nominations.

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Brains Trusts for Community Music Leaders

In September and November the Music in Communities Network(MiCN) held two very successful conferences in Brisbane andMelbourne. Community music leaders joined together to hearsome inspirational speakers, to workshop some problems,and share the secrets of their successes. Ringmaster at the conference was Tony Breese, the Network's project officer.

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