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Selected articles from Music Forum Volume 17, Number 3

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Australia’s Community Music Leaders

In late February, six everyday Australians were awarded Musicin Communities Awards for their work in leading some of thenation’s outstanding community music programs. Offering atotal prize pool of $20,000, the most recent awards focused oninspirational leadership. One of the national judges, Dr Brydie-Leigh Bartleet (Queensland Conservatorum Griffith University) reflects on what the awards revealed this year.

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Despatches from HQ

News from the office of Music: Play for Life...


The Little Instrument That Could


Out of the toybox and into the limelight, the uke is experiencing a resurgence. Again. The Music in Communities Network coordinator, Tony Breese, gets brave anf finds out more.


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Colour my world

When former pilot and Vietnam veteran, Curly, had a stroke at the age of 48 he was leftquadriplegic, unable to speak and diagnosed with “locked in syndrome” in a world whereopportunities to express himself were severely limited. In 2009 he began working with musictherapist, Matthew Huckel, at South Australia’s Highgate Park neurological care facility, to tryto improve and create opportunities for him to communicate and connect socially. This musicalcollaboration has produced a surprising change in Curly, with exciting implications for brainscience.Tina Broad reports.

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Coming to a Town Near You!

The popular Music in Communities Network (MiCN) conferencesare an invaluable opportunity for you to meet with other musicmakers in your community. You’ll hear great success stories fromcommunity music champions, and learn the strategies and methodsbehind their success. You’ll have the opportunity to workshop yourown challenges and share your successes with others.

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