El Sistema

There is a great deal of interest, in the music world (particularly the world of classical and community music) in the Venezualan El Sistema program. I thought it was time for a small collection of articles, links and news articles about the Venezualan program and the worldwide impact it is now having, including a summary of what is happening with its Australian offshoot, Sistema Australia.

First, an excellent article from the Global Mail: Hope Comes with Strings Attached

Along with beauty queens and oil, Venezuela is exporting its music education program, El Sistema. These youth orchestras create excellence — and combat poverty. Meet the maestro who imagined it all. Read more

This brief ABC News story covers a very young conductor froom the El Sistema program making his mark on the world.

In June 2012 the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra appointed 27 year old Diego Matheuz, another graduate of the El Sistema program, as Principal Guest Conductor for three years from 2013.  Read more.

The New York Times has an article about the program, read it here.

The Music and Arts in Action Journal (Volume 4, Issue 1) has a more thorough academic article: Venezuela's National Music Education Program El Sistema: Its Interactions with Society and Its Participants' Engagement in Praxis. Read it here. 

Sistema Australia

Christopher Nicholls, the founder of Sistema Australia and Laverton's Crashendo Orchestra, wrote a piece for Music Forum. Read it here (Member login required)\

Listen to an interview Chris did with Emma Ayres on ABC Classic FM here.

The website is sistemaaustralia.com.au