Policy Blog: National Arts and Culture Accord

Update: 14 May 2013

The National Arts and Culture Accord has now been released: http://arts.gov.au/news/2013/05/signed-national-arts-and-culture-accord-released

More analysis of the Accord and the potential for crossjurisdictional collaboration to come!

by Alex Masso, 9 May 2013

As part of the Creative Australia policy announced earlier this year, Australia has a new agreement between federal, state and local government jurisdictions known as the "National Arts and Culture Accord". This was one of the highlights identified in our response to the Creative Australia policy, since it offers potential to address a number of areas that need attention, expand on important policy work already happening in some parts of the country, and strengthen crossjurisdictional cooperation.

The Accord was signed at the most recent meeting of the Arts and Cultural Ministers Ministerial Council. This follows up on a promise from last year's meeting and the Creative Australia policy.

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) was the only representative for local government at this meeting. Another forum for crossjurisdictional collaboration is the National Local Government Cultural Forum which includes representatives from the state-based local government associations, state governments, and capital city governments. This group meets in Canberra in June. 
The meeting on 30 March 2012 "discussed the development of the Australian Government’s new National Cultural Policy and committed to develop an Arts Accord between the Australian, state, territory and local governments over the next 12 months, recognising that real change will be optimised through partnerships and collaboration."
At this year's meeting, "Ministers and the ALGA acknowledged that the Accord is a key pillar of the modernised funding and support structures outlined in Creative Australia and that it will drive greater collaboration between all levels of government on cross-jurisdictional issues faced by the arts and cultural sector."
We look forward to further discussion about the role of each level of government, and the detail of the three year plan.
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