Exciting new a cappella program for young women

young women singing close up2 475wSweet Adelines Australia, an organisation specialising in four-part harmony a cappella singing, has launched an exciting opportunity for young women singers.

The Young Women In Harmony program (YWIH) is part of a long-term, nationwide roll-out of youth activities that will enrich the lives of many young Australians by supporting education and performance opportunities in a cappella singing, barbershop style.

The organisation is bringing together young women to sing in the YWIH Showcase Chorus, a major highlight of the gala concert at the Sweet Adelines Australia 2014 Regional Convention in May which will be held this year in Sydney.

The target is women singers, high school age from around Sydney. In fact any women singers under the age of 25 can participate.


Young women on the risers 399wA small fee of $20 covers sheet music and high quality learning tracks, a learning guide for singers and educators’ guide for teachers, along with support for teachers including school visits and/or connected classroom sessions from the regional education faculty of Sweet Adelines Australia. Music / Choir teachers can participate at no cost.

The YWIH program offers music educators / music teachers a means of including the study and performance of barbershop harmony in schools and other ‘women under 25 years’ music programs.

Music and choir teachers are asked to invite their talented female singers to be part of this wonderful opportunity and sing in the Showcase at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre!

For more information about Young Women in Harmony including how to apply, the music resources, and important dates see http://ywih.org.au

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