National organisations representing pipe bands, choral singing, bands and orchestras, music education and more.

Australian Band and Orchestra Directors' Association (ABODA)

The Australian Band and Orchestra Directors’ Association (ABODA) is Australia's premier in-service support organisation for school and community band and orchestra directors, pledging ongoing commitment to the growth of music education and community music making throughout all areas of the country.  Their website has very few links to ensembles but does has information for orchestra and band conductors/directors, and links to its state-based associations.

Australian National Choral Association (ANCA)

Nationally, a list of over 600  choirs that perform many different styles of music. You search by state. The list of choirs does not necessarily indicate location so you may have to poke around to discover which choirs are accessible to you. The amount of information varies enormously from choir to choir. Some give website addresses where you can seek more information. But in many cases you may have to contact the choir directly to find out what you need to know. More information:

Australian Pipe Band Association

Represents pipe bands from around the country, with state branches. The Association runs the Australian Pipe Band College, which comprise music syllabi and adjucator's rules. Age range for participants: not stated

Style of music: pipe bands

Nature of program: tuition provided within each ensemble

More information:

Australian Pipe Band Community Website

A terrific resource for pipes and drums. A large number of ensembles are listed for NSW, less for others, and there are some states which have no listings at all. The information supplied by each ensemble is highly variable. Many groups do not have their own web pages. Most groups welcome learners and provide training and equipment. Age range for participants: not stated

Style of music: pipe bands

Nature of program: tuition provided within each ensemble

More information:

Australian Strings Association (AUSTA)

The Australian Strings Association (AUSTA) website is a hub of information for Australian performers, teachers, instrument makers, students and enthusiasts of bowed string instruments (violins, violas, cellos and double basses).  It includes listings of activities by state.

More informatnion:

Federation of Australian Mandolin Ensembles (FAME)

An organisation which aims: to promote community involvement in the formation of orchestras of plucked string instruments; to promote such orchestras to achieve the highest musical standards possible; to promote the training of players and conductors; to encourage musicians to compose and arrange music for mandolin orchestras. Member backgrounds range from folk through light popular to classical and playing ability from beginner to professional. Activities include conventions, workshops, newsletters, scholarships for students, and encouragement to composers to expand the repertoire. Community involvement by the member ensembles is encouraged.

More information:

Music in Communities Network

That's us!

An initiative of the grassroots music advocacy campaign, Music: Play for Life, The Music in Communities Network (MiCN) is Australia’s only national network for community music practitioners.

It has been set up to raise awareness about, and stimulate action in, community-based music making. How? By helping to build the capacity of individuals and groups to develop and sustain effective recreational music making programs in communities. Read more about us and join the network. - The Ultimate Music Teacher Directory & Resource

A nation-wide list of ensembles, mostly orchestras, grouped as Professional, Amateur, or Youth. Go to:

National Band Council of Australia (NBCA)

The National Band Council of Australia (NBCA) exists to:

  • ensure that national band contests, marching contests and solo and party competitions are conducted under a common set of rules;
  • promote a general love and knowledge of band music and good fellowship among band persons;
  • promote and control national band contests;
  • provide positive leadership and direction to enable Australian brass and concert bands to achieve their maximum potential through planned administration, policy development and communication

More information:

Orchestras Australia (TOAN)

The Orchestras of Australia Network (TOAN) ceased to exist formally in 2009.  In 2011 the Music in Communities Network was endorsed by the board of TOAN as an organisation that could serve its former members, primarily the community-based orchestras of Australia. 

Sing Australia

An organisation that promotes Australian composers and compositions through local community choirs. This site includes a listing of your local choir. More information:


A recent Music in Communities Network project looks at one of the key issues facing community music groups – indeed, many kinds of community groups – finding space to meet, rehearse and perform. READ MORE