School Facilities: Insurance

The most onerous conditions, in some states and territories (WA, NT), require community groups to have both Public Liability and Workers' Compensation Insurance. Elsewhere (TAS, VIC), not for profit community groups are covered by the Department's insurance policy where the activity is low-risk. Some states fall somewhere in between these two ends of the spectrum (NSW, SA) where insurance is required under the Department policy but principals have some discretion.

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StatePublic Liability Insurance
NSW You will need public liability insurance to $10 million, but principal has some discretion.
The Community Workers compensation insurance must be taken out for any employees.

The requirement for all not-for-profit community groups, conducting low risk activities, to hold $10 million public liability insurance cover has been removed. (see notes)


You will need public liability insurance to $10million per occurrence by an approved insurer.


Not-for-profit community groups are covered by Department liability. Commercial organisations are not covered and need to arrange their own.

SA You will need public liability insurance to $10 million, but principal has extensive discretion.
Public liability insurance need not apply in "one off" type user situations even though the activity may involve more than fifty participants.
WA Public liability insurance for a minimum amount of $5 million (passive activities) and $10 million (more high risk activities)
Workers’ Compensation insurance for an amount of not less than $50,000,000

Public liability insurance of at least $10 million
Workers compensation insurance coverage with a licensed insurer under the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act

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