About the Community Use of School Facilities Project

The primary methodology for this project was an extensive and detailed document review of all the state government school system policies. This document review is summarised in this resource.

The information presented here is taken sometimes as direct quotes from documents and other times as a paraphrase of the long winded wording.

In addition to the document review, our contractor has spoken to a small number of music heads of department, principals and advisors in head offices. This was necessary because:

  1. The non-government school sector do not publish information or policies on public websites
  2. There may be more variation in the way the issue of community use of school facilities is handled in this sector.

Every effort has been made by the collator of this material to verify the contents. The contents of policy of state governments may change at any time.

Many thanks to Jane Law for producing this report for the Music Council.

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Overview of Policies for Community Use of School Facilities

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