The Music in Communities Network and Local Government

The 2012 MCA Assembly hosted a discussion about Music and Local Government for the first time. This is a major focus of the Music in Communities Network, primarily because this is the level of government that is closest to the community.

Our activities


  • The Community Orchestra Conference (22 September, 2012) featured a discussion about Institutional Support for Community Music, which includes Local Government as a crucial institutions.
  • The Music Council of Australia Assembly (24 September, 2012) featured a panel presentation followed by an expert discussion group, on the topic of Music and Local Government
  • The Music Council, through the Music in Communities Network, supported the LGSA NSW Arts & Culture Summit (13-14 November, 2012)
  • The Music in Communties Network supported the State of the Live Music Forum in Wollongong and is working with the music community to develop a Live Music Accord (November 2012)
  • Alex Masso, Manager of the Music in Communities Network, was on the City of Sydney Live Music Taskforce (2013) and was involved peripherally in the Wollongong Live Music Taskforce (2013)


  • Local Government and Cultural Policy - a summary of what the Local Government said in their National Cultural Policy Submissions. Read more
  • The MiC research agenda includes local government as a major consideration, particularly in how local councils support community music groups and activities.  Read more

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Live music is a significant policy issue for local councils to consider, many are now doing so in response to community concerns about live music. Read more about live music

We have started collecting links to interesting papers related to Music and Local Government in some way. See our reading list or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to suggest additional material

Our panel and discussion group at the Assembly have led to the framework for our activities, described here. We consider this the starting point for a very important aspect of the Music in Communities Network's activities. Read more about our framework for Music and Local Government.

Local Government and Cultural Policy: what Local Councils and peak bodies for Local Government said about the National Cultural Policy. Read more

Sound Links recommendations relevant to Local Government.  Read more