Marian Grove Ukulele Group

Music in Communities Awards Finalist: 2012

Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW


Marian Grove Ukulele GroupThis ukulele group began when an enthusiastic Activities Coordinator from a retirement village and nursing home (also a ukulele player) put a notice on the board for people to join a ukulele group. It began with six people learning “You Are My Sunshine” and grew from there. They are all over 70 years of age, the oldest being 96.  None had ever played a ukulele before, and most had never played any kind of instrument.

The group has proven to be a great way to keep its members active and engaged with their community, with their regular rehearsals and gigs. They have picked up grandchildren and a local music teacher along the way, who have been quick to make the connection between this group and the supporting a ukulele group in the local primary school.

“One lady in the village used to sit at home alone and had no interest in socialising. She now gets dressed up, puts on make -up and smiles though all the performances. Another couple had for years been looking for something they could do together. At 75 they finally found it through playing the ukulele and learning songs together.” 

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