Chooks On A Hot Tin Roof

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chooksonahottinroof.How can a simple instrument like the ukulele create so much joy? In the hands of 'Chooks on a Hot Tin Roof', a band of women players, anything is possible. It emerged from a small town dining room three years ago where two of the girls played for fun. We welcomed, twisted the arms, of other non players like ourselves to get together once a week to practice. For months we wrestled with F, C, and G7. Fixed in our minds is the glorious moment when we could master the magic chords and keep the rhythm.

Now we are thinking: confidence; dynamics; arrangement; writing our own material. All around us are the accomplished and elegant performers - of the entertainment world - but we console ourselves with the the notion that "if only the best birds in the bush sang, the bush would be silent..." And we continue to have fun and share our joy in music with others.