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      In this section we have listed a range of articles and resources provided by the Music in Communities Network.  We have plans to produce the Community Music Toolkit, along the lines of the MCA's Music Career wiki, Music Education portal and More Music Toolkit, as the go-to place for information about community music.

      If you could suggest any resources for us to find or produce, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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      The MiCN features posts by our Community Music Mentors, the MiCN team, and guest contributors.  We have invited previous winners of the MiCN Awards, exemplars of excellence in community music leadership, to write a regular blog. Follow our featured mentor as they face up to the daily challenges, the highs and lows, the successes and the qualified successes of being a community music leader. This is where our Network mentors share with us what they do and how they do it. Read and learn!

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      If you want to know what's happening in communities around the country, check oClassifiedsut our classifieds section. The listings are as broad as community music itself, we'll list some local events, community groups looking for members, conferences, funding opportunities, and more. You can also check out our news section and blog.

      These listings also feed into our newsletter. If you have something to contribute, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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    • May 2011 (6)

      MAY 2011


      Wednesday, May the 25th, will be a very special Towel Day.

      The first Towel Day occurred on 25 May 2001, two weeks after the death of well-loved English author Douglas Adams, famed for his inaccurately named trilogy of five ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ books. Loyal fans took to the streets with their towels to commemorate his life and passing. Why towels, you ask. Read the books, I say. <read on...>.

    • July 2011 (5)

       July 2011


      The Therapeutic Power of Music

      Gabrielle Giffords, the US congresswoman who suffered serious head injury in an assassination attempt, has effected a remarkable recovery in no small part to music therapy – a discipline which is moving mainstream as scientists discover more about how our mind works and how music helps develop brain power. Music can have a role in helping us recover from stroke or other brain injury and it can help patients with dementia.

      Many community musicians understand their role as agents of individual and social change and are strong advocates for the power of music to effect that change. In this newsletter you’ll read about music therapists, Carolyn Hart and Jeanette Milford we invited to our conference in McLaren Vale to help us understand what we’re doing and why it works. But first…<read on...>


    • August 2011 (5)

      AUGUST 2011

      einstein200x196You’ve often thought it, now now you can prove it - you are smarter than most. Research coming out of the University of Kansas has shown musicians are smarter and stay lucid for longer in old age than the rest of the population. Another interesting finding is that the earlier you started your musical training, the greater the effects - the smarter you are!

      You can now use this research to win every argument you start with a non-musician. Just say “I’m right ‘cause I’m smarter than you and here’s the proof”. 

      Let me know how that turns out for you. 

      Meanwhile News from MiCN this month: <Read on...>

    • September 2011 (4)

      September 2011


      The 2011 MiCN Awards were launched at the MCA National Assembly in Canberra. This year there’s $10,000 on offer to celebrate and reward the the people and organisations who work so hard to make community music happen!

      We chose this year’s theme, “Local Links”, to find creative and inspiring connections, partnerships and relationships that music groups have nurtured in and beyond their local community. You can read more about the awards here.

      Entries close on Monday 24 October so hurry and download your entry form now. 

      Other news from MiC this month: <Read on...>


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    The purpose of these pages is to provide useful information to anyone who wishes to start, continue or expand music making for a group or themselves. We want you playing, a lot, loudly, proudly, and with as many people as you can!

    These pages will be organised into categories, you can click on a category to browse topics and view recently added material, or search for a specific topic.  New material will be added all the time so check back regularly or follow the links in the MICN weekly newsletter.

    The material in the toolkit comes from the following sources:

    • The Community Music Handbook: A practical guide to developing music projects and organisations by Anne Cahill, with revisions by Alex Masso
    • Articles from the MiCN team
    • Case studies of MiCN Award Winners
    • Research
    • Other online resources
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      Recent activity from the Music in Communities Network

      Updated 9 March 2012 by Alex Masso

      New manager

      I recently started as manager of the Music in Communities Network, taking over from Tony Breese. Many thanks to Tony for his work over the past 18 months or so.  We're moving into an exciting phase of the network this year with new projects, new members and new ideas.

      Website Changes

      You may have noticed that the website has changed a little. The biggest change is that the MCA's Community Music Classifieds have moved across to this site.  you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to add your group or activity to the classifieds, or click here to have a look.

      New members

      Welcome to the Barrier Reef Orchestra based in Townsville, one of our new members!


      This year we're focusing in particular on community-based orchestras.  Recently I've spoken with a number of people including Kate from Symphony Services International, Anne Cahill who you may remember as a previous Chair of the Orchestras of Australia Network, as well as the Australian Music Centre and others.

      The priorities in this area are:

      1) Networking - through the network and at an orchestral conference to be held later this year (stay tuned!)

      2) Repertoire - I am looking at how community orchestras choose, find, and source music for their programs.  It seems to me that there are two parts to this: a) ideas about programming, and hearing about what other groups are doing, and b) finding (buying, borrowing, hiring or commissioning) the scores and parts. I want to find ways for the Music in Communities Network to support you in each of these areas.


      There are a couple of changes to memberships. 

      1) We are moving towards supporting a membership of community groups, and building up a larger network of individuals who are on the mailing list and involved with our activities but not members as such.  Therefore, we are phasing out Individual Membership, extending existing members for any group that has joined before February 2012, and we're working on more member benefits for you!

      2) The member benefits have been updated, click here for more info.  We'll be revealing other things throughout the year.

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