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John Rodriquez on 0413 383 159 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Catherine Mundy on 3807 9002 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explore potential partnership opportunities.

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Apondi was recorded at 4 EB as part of the Songs of Hope Project coordinated by the Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre Apondi


As we operate with an inclusive philosophy, it is our intention to keep these to a minimum.  We don’t want to have participants feeling that they are bound by rules. 

We believe that if we treat each other with courtesy, respect and an open heart, that most concerns, issues and challenges can be addressed collaboratively without the need to regulate.  Sometimes though, it makes sense to have a clear policy statement so that everyone understands our expectations and those of the group……..

When you have a clear drum beat and can hear the music playing,
it makes it easier to join in and sing along – in time and in harmony!

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John Rodriquez
Mixed Beans Project CoordinatorJohn Rodriquez

Phone: (07) 3806 1169

Mobile: 0412 084 009

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ABN: 116 0762 1105

“Singclusion” is copyrighted to John Rodriquez and is used with permission.


Cath Mundy
Musical DirectorCath Mundy

Phone: (07) 3807 9002

Mobile: 0405 974 561

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Mixed Beans recorded a CD called Collage on 1 June 2013. It has been an exciting project that will produce a product that we will be able to sell to raise funds to meet the operating costs of the choir. Some members of the choir came together beforehand to make a collage based on the theme 'What it means to be a member of the Mixed Beans multicultural choir' and this will be used in the artwork for the CD.

Collage CD On sale NOW!

Contact John Rodriquez for more information or to order your hard copy at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

or DOWNLOAD from CD Baby at  http://cdbaby.com/cd/mixedbeansmulticulturalc

MixedBeansAlchemix 03 

Thank you to all our song contributors – see below.

 1. Ring Bell Vus (Ring Bell Ding) – 0:54

            Pronounced: Rrring Bell Voos

Traditional chant from West Gaua, Banks Islands, Vanuatu

“The bells are ringing; stop your work and hurry to church!” Cecelia Lolonun taught Cath this delightful chant during Cath’s recent visit to Vanuatu.

2. Loma Loma – 3:13

Pronounced: Lor-mah Lor-mah

Traditional Fijian song

Soloist: Cath Mundy

An uplifting song about missing your beautiful homeland, the Fijian island of Loma Loma.

Brought to the group by Eta Palupe, who is originally from Fiji and sang with Mixed Beans during 2012.

3. Bele Mama (Call Mama) – 1:54

Pronounced: Bell-eh Mah-mah

Traditional African song from Cameroon

 4. Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flowers) – 3:45

                Pronounced: Mor Lee Hwah

Traditional Chinese song (Mandarin)

Soloists: Mei Har Rundle, John Rodriquez

This peaceful ode to the beautiful jasmine flower is a popular folk song in China. Thank you to Mixed Beans members Christine Chan & King Yuen for bringing this song to the choir.

 5. Come Along My Friend – 2:28

Traditional African-American song

Cath & Jay learned this stirring freedom song from gospel singer Doris Lee in a kitchen at the back of a church, New Orleans, 1995.

 6. Levinlas (Coconut Shell) – 1:48

                 Pronounced: Leh-vin-lahs

                Traditional from Vanua Lava, Banks Islands, Vanuatu

Many thanks to Rosie Weqas & Violet Albert of Vanuatu for teaching Cath this children’s tune, traditionally sung to accompany a group game played with coconut shells.

 7. Bolujem Ja (I am in pain from love) – 3:48

Pronounced: Baw-loo-yem Yah

Traditional Balkan Sevda-song

Brought to Mixed Beans by Linda Asceric from Croatia, who sang with the choir during 2011. It comes from the tradition of the Sevdalinke (Sevda Song). ‘Sevda’ means ‘the pain of separation from love’.

 8. Yonder Come Day – 1:37

                Traditional Georgia Sea Islands spiritual

9. Thuma Mina (Send Me) – 2:43

Pronounced: Too-mah Mee-nah

Traditional Zulu hymn from South Africa

10. Rasa Sayang (Feeling Love) – 2:29

Pronounced: Rah-sah Sah-yahng

Traditional song from Malaysia and Indonesia

A fun children’s song brought to Mixed Beans by Ping Chang, who is originally from Malaysia. The song is also widely known in Indonesia.

11. Kue Kue (Cake Cake) – 1:50

Pronounced: Koo-eh Koo-eh

Traditional tune from Africa, Indonesian lyrics by Katrina Irawati Graham

We find ourselves in a busy marketplace with a cross-cultural twist, as this African tune meets Indonesian words!

“Buy my cakes, lady! Buy my meatballs and tofu! And cakes!”

Many thanks to Katrina for the lyrics and to Julie Robson for teaching Cath the tune, long ago.

12. Peace Forever – 3:09

Traditional Israeli tune with lyrics by Nechama (Helena) Hendel

Thanks to Melbourne singer-songwriter Fay White for sharing this song. Fay learned it from the late acclaimed Israeli singer Nechama Hendel at a workshop more than 30 years ago. Nechama explained that the original lyrics were nationalistic, and that she instead felt we need songs that dissolve boundaries and remind us of our common humanity. This sums up the philosophy of Mixed Beans multicultural choir!


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